We are here to

Guide you through your IT transformation

We support you in defining your needs. Our expertise and knowledge will allow you to gain visibility on your organization and gain great momentum in your IT operations.

Gain insight

Cut costs and get information faster

At a bird’s-eye view, our approach consists of studying your company’s data needs and then proposing a customized solution. We bring you additional income by cutting costs and giving you access to your organization’s internal services and data in a way you never thought was possible.

A custom solution

Tailored specifically to your needs

We support you in developing and nurturing an environment in which Agile & DevOps processes and practices can thrive and where continuous improvement feels natural. In addition, our team’s complementarity enables us to help you from your project’s inception to it’s closure.

All the information you need

Right at your fingertips

Thanks to our team’s Agile and Change Management savviness, we ensure a high quality and professional service when we work together on your IT projects. You can also count on us to use the best processes and practices to guarantee the delivery of our projects on time.

Who We Are?

Our team of certified & seasoned professionals can help modernise your organisation to ensure a smooth transition to technologies and practices that will give you a competitive edge. From API management & Life cycle to DevOps transitions, we will use our knowledge and experience to enable your tech transition and facilitate lasting organizational change.

  • Change Management
  • API Management
  • Agile Coaching
  • DevOps Coaching
Our Skills

Let our wAPIteam help you!

API Management

We can help with diverse API projects from documenting to monetization. Our team work on the full API life cycle, from gathering the needs & data to API management architecture and helping with implementing the API guru mentality

Mocking & Testing

Easily develop and maintain independant applications and tooling thanks to how proper API management organizes your data

DevOps processes & practices

Ensuring project transparency, stakeholder engagement and to focus on business Value, Agility is a must have in the software world. Our team will help with the technology and human transition starting from all level of Agile maturity using a diverse range of techniques and frameworks

Agile processes & practices

Customer-centric action, end to end responsability, continuous improvement & automate everything you can are some of the principles we use to help implement a solid DevOps mentality. DevOps is an holistic approach in an organization, it is encompasse the technology and the human factors, and Wapitea can help on all fronts. From implementing a solid CI/CD to creating cross-fonctional autonomous teams.

How can this benefit your organization?

Improved operational efficiency

Better customer relationships

Better business agility

Better business relationships

Reduce time to market

Drive innovation

wapitea gives you the smart solution to your digital transformation