We create value by enabling you to

At Wapitea, we believe in creating opportunities for humanity by unlocking the power of innovation. Our performant, stable, user friendly and community driven products will empower any organization to do the same by catapulting you to 2050 in terms of data usability.

Achieve the result you desire

Our technologies and know-how will help you get where your company needs to be. Using a clear process, we'll work with you to map out your needs to achieve your specific goals.

Happy to help with any issues you have

  • Identify value leaking issues in your organisation
  • Roadmap creation & execution
  • Data & Api management

You can do it too.
Use Wapixir !

We created a tool to manage data, free of code. Our promise to you is that you won't ever need to worry about data management again.

Wapixir lets you manage, secure and share your data with an API Manager that uses technology designed for fault tolerance and high availability.

Manage your data

Expose your data for internal use or to share with partners and the public. You'll have full control over who can access your data.

Digital transformation

Initiate and/or accelerate your digital transformation by using Wapixir to quickly spin up APIs which can be deployed and used instantly, without writing a single line of code

Secure your information

Our solutions will secure your data through granular data access with GraphQL. We worry about data security and security threats so that you don't have to!

High availability services

We use Elixir for Wapixir (See WhatsApp, Discord, Messenger/Facebook) to handle large data streams and to provide you with the most reliable service possible today. What does that mean for you? Our service will have no down time, even when updated.

Quickly integrate all of your data sources

Our solutions are developed with the end user in mind. We know it's not interesting for anybody to sit through integrating large amounts of data into your current systems.

We take care of all the boring and expensive heavy lifting for you leaving you and your team with creating value. The best part? You won't have to write a single line of code.


We create our tools to enable collaboration. Be it through exposing APIs publicly or through real-time collaboration on Wapixir, safely share and work with other users to quickly get your projects up and running.