Web Agencies

Faster & Better development for Web Agencies

Web agencies are in high demand, and clients are coming from a wide range of industries, from marketplaces to custom web applications. And as per the popularity of connectivity, all of these clients also proportionally need their products and services to connect.

Web agencies are being asked to create websites and services for their clients and most of the time, there is a need to integrate Marketplaces, monitoring platforms, CMS, etc. to the clients databases, which are usually custom every time. This puts a strain on the developpement, and as a consequence, lowers the speed at which the web agency can deliver true value to clients.

Wapitea helps web agencies create value to their clients by either unlocking or accessing the necessary data from their customers while focusing on delivering high quality services and products. With the help of our tool, Wapixir, will connect all of those data sources together in a matter of minutes. Moreover, creating prototypes and MVPs couldn’t be easier because of the ease of connection to already existing integrations.

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