Retail powered through connectivity

In retail multiple devices, platforms and components are connected together to ensure a continuous selling experience to their customers. Retails all around the world are looking at making their processes more efficient by any means necessary.

The last pandemic was a big shock for everyone, and retailers all around the world were forced to create new processes to accomodate a rapidly changing market. Innovation is ever increasingly in need, but most retailers can’t afford to change their systems already in place, or don’t know how to access their data in real-time to unlock the power of their innovation. What if you could simultaneously send your inventory (stock, products, etc.) to all your systems and platforms without having to change the connections ever again ?

Wapitea provides a cost-effective global connectivity solution for your system. Our tool, Wapixir, will allow you to create bridges between all of your data sources without a single line of code, making your data instantly accessible to your departments, teams, or external clients. By easily creating those bridges, you will have the possibility to monitor & control your inventory, social media, marketplaces, etc. through all of your devices, systems, etc. Moreover, the solution lets you use the data in any shape or form you like, making it easy to plug to all of your data sources.

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