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Jonathan Harvey


Master of management, vision, strategy and the 4 elements, Jonathan discovered his passion for organizational culture through his unending quest to perfect his craft. His creed is simple, no challenge or obstacle is too great when it comes to helping organisations achieve high efficiency.


Putting fuel in Wapitea's engine

Alexandre Lepretre

Alexandre Lepretre

CTO / API Expert

Despite his youthful appearance, Alexandre has amassed a staggering amount of technical know-how through constant experimentation with computers since he was a wee lil lad. With years of experience assisting large organizations through their API journeys, he is no stranger to API management and data security.

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The mind behind Wapitea's engine

Antoine Pecatikov

COO / DevOps Spec.

Could pretty much do the split, 2 years ago.

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Making sure Wapitea's wheels are still attached to the engine

Valentine Sauda

Sales & Marketing

Social media addict, knows by heart all the Disney songs and few TikTok dances. Able to explain our services the simplest way your dog could understand (plz dm if it's a pug). She's a content creation marathon runner, graduated from GIF Academy option Pop culture reference. Can understand tech jokes sometimes.


Finding the fuel for the engine